KUHS PG Thesis/Dissertation Regulations 2024 and Free Download Thesis & Plagiarism Verification Certificate Templates


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Preparation of Dissertation books


Free Download Templates

Thesis Preliminary Pages

Thesis Text Pages

Plagiarism Verification Certificate

Paper, type, and layout

      • Use only high quality, plain white, 75–81 g/m2 (20-lb) unlined bond paper, erasable paper shall not be used.
      • Paper size :A4 (210 x 297 mm)
      • Margins : Left : 81cms (1.5”) ; Other margins: 2.54cms (1”)
      • Font type :Times New Roman/Arial/Tahoma
      • Font size (main text) : 12 (not in bold)
      • Font size (notes/foot notes) : 10 (not in bold)
      • Font size (titles) :14 Bold
      • Font size (subtitles) : 12 Bold
      • Line spacing (main text) : 1.15 (This is an important update)
      • Line spacing quotations for Long footnotes and endnotes : 1

Laser printing shall be used with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense

  1. Page numbers: Roman numerals shall be used on the preliminary pages (pages up to the first page of text) and Arabic numerals on the text pages. The numbers themselves can be placed anywhere on the page, however they shall be consistent.
  2. Diagrams, photographs, or facsimiles in any form shall be a standard page size, or if larger, folded so that a free left-hand margin of 81cms (1.5 inches) remains and the folded sheet is not larger than the standard page.
  3. Photographs (colour or black and white) shall be of good quality and printed on photography paper.
  4. Image files in JPG/JPEG or TIFF format and Audio Visual in AVI, GIF, MPEG files format preferably, in soft copies.
  5. Avoid same information represented in more than one format (e.g. table/picture/graph).
  6. All tables and Figures shall be simple, numbered, titled and self-explanatory
  7. Citation shall be in one style only, either Vancouver style/any other internationally approved style.
  8. The list of references shall appear as a consolidated list with references listed sequentially as they appear in the If pertinent works have been consulted but not specifically cited, they shall be listed as Bibliography or General References.
  9. List of figures, tables and chapters shall be separately provided before the main text
  10. Maximum number of pages shall be 200 including master sheet, appendix, addendum etc. There will not be a specified minimum for number of pages.
  11. The Thesis/Dissertation shall adhere to the Plagiarism Policy of the University, in force
  12. The bona fide Thesis/Dissertation shall include a ‘Plagiarism Verification – certificate’, ‘Self-Plagiarism Exclusion Certificate’ and/or ‘Self-Plagiarism Co-authors Certificate’.

Mechanism to detect plagiarism:

Plagiarism tools approved by University Grants Commission shall be used to detect plagiarism.

The better choice is Drillbit. DrillBit has been selected for empanelment with AICTE NEAT 3.0 and by INFLIBNET Centre for all the Indian Universities under the aegis of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Plagiarism Certificate Drillbit

Levels of Plagiarism: Plagiarism would be quantified into following levels in ascending order of severity for the purpose of its definition:

Level 0 Similarities up-to 10% A – Satisfactory
Level 1 Similarities above 10% to 40% B- Upgrade
Level 2 Similarities above 40% to 60% C- Poor
Level 3 Similarities above 60% D- Unacceptable



The arrangement of sections in the book shall be in the following order:

Preliminary pages

  1. Title page
  2. Declaration from the student, Bona-fide certificates from the Guide, endorsement from HoD and Head of the Institution.
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Abstract with key words
  5. Table of contents
  6. List of tables
  7. List of Figures
  8. List of Annexures
  9. Definitions, Abbreviations

Main text

    1. Introduction, Research Question, Aims & Objectives, Hypothesis (if any), Review of Literature
    2. Methodology, Results, Discussion, Limitations, Scope for future studies
    3. Conclusions, Policy implications (if any)
    4. Summary


Annexures (as applicable)

      1. Blank data sheets, Blank consent form(s), Master chart (without any patient identifying information), Additional figures/pictures and photographs.
      2. Questionnaires, Scales, list of physical instruments used, Permission/License for using illustrations and other copyrighted material.
      3. Supplementary illustrative material, original data, and quotations too lengthy for inclusion in the text or which is not immediately essential to an understanding of the subject can be presented.
      4. Each annexure with its title shall be listed separately in the table of contents. Likewise, tables and figures contained in the Appendices are to be included in the lists of tables and figures, respectively.
      5. IEC approval certificate, Plagiarism Checking certificates, Certificate of completion from IEC.

Submission of bona fide Thesis/Dissertation

  • Minimum time required to complete Thesis/Dissertation related Research work by the candidate including data collection, analysis, writing up is estimated as 6
  • The bona fide Thesis/Dissertation shall be submitted to the University 6 months before the expected date of final examination and after remitting the prescribed
  • Bona-fide Thesis/Dissertation can be submitted only after a minimum of 6 months of getting approval of the protocol by the University.
  • Soft copy of the bona fide Thesis/Dissertation in *.pdf, *.odt, *.docx or *.doc format shall be submitted to the University within the time limit prescribed.
  • The submission shall be through e-mail and CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMS
  • Requisite number of hard copies of the Thesis/Dissertation shall be submitted to the Department in the Institution.
  • Submission of the Thesis/Dissertation books/hard copy as specified, complete in all aspects within the allowed time limit shall be a mandatory criterion for registering for the Final University Examination.

Evaluation of Thesis/Dissertation

 If the Course Regulations have specified a procedure for Thesis/Dissertation valuation, it shall be followed.

For other courses, following procedure shall be

  • The Thesis/Dissertation shall be examined by three examiners; one from other institutions (other than that institution, where the research was conducted) affiliated to KUHS (who is/was not a Guide for the same candidate for the same Thesis/Dissertation) and two examiners from other Universities.
  • If two examiners suggest changes, resubmission of Thesis/Dissertation shall be made within 30 days with suggested changes incorporated.
  • If the original decision is ‘re-submission with changes’, the resubmitted Thesis/Dissertation will be evaluated by the same examiners who assessed it first, if they are available for evaluation.
  • All resubmissions shall be along with the fee prescribed for it by the University from time to time.
  • Each resubmission shall include fresh certificates related to plagiarism
  • If two examiners reject the Thesis/Dissertation, it shall ordinarily be re- submitted within 30 days. Resubmitted Thesis/Dissertation will undergo the same method of evaluation as a fresh Thesis/Dissertation.
  • In case of rejection of Thesis/Dissertation, extension of course/work in the Department up to one year may be granted, if found necessary, to carry out Thesis/Dissertation work, subject to the clause regarding ‘double duration of the course’ as specified in the Course Regulations, Academic General Regulations or by the Regulatory Authority. The candidate shall apply for the extension through proper channel along with the fee prescribed for it by the University from time to time.
  • If two examiners accept the Thesis/Dissertation, it will be accepted by the University
  • The hall ticket of the final examination will be issued only after acceptance of the Thesis/Dissertation.
  • For Courses, where evaluation of the Thesis becomes a part of the Practical examination, the procedure will be as per the respective Course Regulations.

For More Reference, you can download the Gazette No. 1786 of Kerala University of Health Sciences from the website https://compose.kerala.gov.in