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The Core Committee of Faculty Deans at its meeting held on 6th June 2016 recommended to streamline the process of uploading Ph.D theses in Shodhganga of UGC INFLIBNET from 1st July 2016 onwards, by instructing the candidates to submit the theses to the University in software-CD in PDF/A format, with OCR enabled with a view to expediting theses digitization work. The procedures and guidelines for this were also suggested by the Core Committee.

Sanction has been accorded by the Vice Chancellor to implement the recommendations and suggestions of Core Committee of Faculty Deans for submissions of Ph.D Theses.

The Supervising Teachers and Heads of Departments/ Heads of approved Research Centers are requested to ensure that the theses forwarded for adjudication are submitted strictly in accordance with the procedures and· guidelines attached to this circular from 1st July 2016 onwards.

The certificates, as stated in the procedures, shall also be forwarded along with the theses submitted for adjudication.

Uploading of Ph.D thesis in Shodhganga (UGC-INFLIBNET)


  1.  The candidate shall have to submit thesis for award of Ph.D Degree in hard copies (bound volume- four copies) and in Soft copies (CD- two copies) to the The soft copy shall be written on CD strictly in accordance with the instructions appended (Appendix A).
  2. The University Section dealing with D evaluation shall mark 4 copies of thesis received with both Reg.No & Serial No.1-4 using adhesive labels, on the spine. The copy with CD enclosed shall be numbered 4.
  3. Candidate shall submit a declaration along with CD: “Certified that the two soft copies of CDs submitted along with the hard copy have exactly same content as the hard copy. All instructions regarding file names and folder organization as per Circular No.AcEII/9389/16, dated 28/06/2016 have been It, is also certified that-(i) both the CDs are working and (ii) all files are properly recorded”.
  4.  One copy of the certificate mentioned in (3) above shall be countersigned by the Supervising Teacher and inserted inside the to pouch and the another copy of the certificate shall be attached to the forwarding letter.
  5. The CD shall be invariably marked with the details (using permanent marker) such as: Year of submission, Reg No, Name of Candidate and Title of thesis.
  6. The CD shall be inserted in eco-friendly CD pouch on which the details mentioned (5) above shall be pasted and the CDs (2 Nos) shall be labeled with Reg No and Serial No I and SI No 2 respectively and shall be attached to the inside pack cover of one copy of the thesis.
  7. In case the candidate is instructed by the University to incorporate corrections in the thesis, while resubmitting the corrected copy the candidate shall ensure that one copy of the modified thesis shall carry two modifies copies of CDs detailed in (3). The resubmitted thesis copy shall be labeled ‘5’ by the University Section and the CD copies shall be labeled SI Nos’3′ and ‘4’ ‘
  8. In case the candidate is required to resubmit the thesis, then two copies of the modified thesis along with two copies modified CDs shall be submitted. These copies of thesis shall be labeled ‘5’ and ‘6’. And the CD copies shall be labeled ‘3’ and ‘4’. The candidate shall attach the CDs to the inside back cover of the hard copy marked ‘6’.
  9. Once the notification for award of D is issued, one copy (SI Nos 4, 5 or 6 as the case may be), shall be labeled as “Accepted Copy” and shall be stored separately for transmission to KUL. Latest t o CDs attached to the thesis shall also be labeled as “Accepted Copy”.
  10. The copy marked 4 remaining with the section or any copies returned by examiners shall be returned to the candidate. The candidate, or a person duly authorized by the candidate for the purpose, shall receive the copy of thesis available with the Section.
  11. On a monthly basis, the accepted theses and the CD, as specified in (9) above ,shall be transmitted to KUL along with a cover sheet in tabular form containing details such as Reg No, Name of candidate, Name of guide, Registration date, Completed date, Award date, Title of thesis, and year of award.

Guidelines for Writing Ph.D Thesis on CD

  • All the files in CD shall be in PDF/A format, with OCR enabled
  • There shall be two folders in the CD-the first folder named as “Thesis as a single file” and inside this folder, the whole thesis shall be saved as a single PDF/A document with following file name: Year Reg. No Name of Candidate Brief Title.pdf. (For instance -2016_4675_RajeshP pdf. If Reg.No is not intimated to candidates in advance the Section shall carry out this work)

 The second folder shall be named “Thesis as sectioned files” and inside this folder, different sections of the thesis shall be saved as separate PDF/A files as


02 Certificates & Declarations


04_preface_or_Abstract (if any)

05 Contents


07_Abbreviations_or_Symbols_or_Notations_or_Nomenclature (if any)

08_Introduction (if any)

09_Chapter 1

10_Chapter 2

11_Chapter 3

12_Chapter 4 This style may be continued, if there are more chapters

A1 Appendices (if any)

A2 References/Bibliography

A3 List of Publications/Paper presented (if any)

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