How to apply for DNB Exam 2021?

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DNB Examination 2021 Application is released at on October 23, 2021. The last date is November 12, 2021. The candidates can apply at Online Exit Examinations Portal, thereby creating their profile, filling the form and uploading documents and pay the fees for DNB Examination 2021.

Apply for DNB Examination 2021

Registration is must for appearing in the DNB Final Examinations. Candidates should note there is no refund of application fee after submission of DNB Final Application 2021.

The candidates should upload the documents in prescribed format. Otherwise it cannot be uploaded in the site. The following specifications of photograph, signature and thumb and other documents are given below:-


  • The background should be white.
  • There should be only one person in the picture.
  • It must contain the full face, ears, neck, and shoulders of the entrant.
  • There should be neutral, non-smiling expression and with eyes open.
  • The image should be uptill the shoulder only.
  • Do not take a selfie.
  • The image should be clicked in > 5-megapixel resolution.
  • It should be a standard passport size (35mm X 45mm, width X height).
  • The size of photograph should be between 50 kb to 80 kb
  • Save the scanned images as .jpg/.jpeg
  • The scanner resolution should be atleast 200 dpi.

It should not be blurred and must cover 70% – 80% of the frame

Live Photograph

  • The candidate shall be required to upload TWO photographs
  1. To be uploaded : A PRE-SAVED recent Passport Size Colour Photograph as per image Upload Guidelines
  2. To be Captured : A REAL TIME PHOTOGRAPH captured by the webcam/in-built camera of the computer system
  • Instructions to capture photograph
    1. Stand/ Sit against a white background (Avoid distracting backgrounds)
    2. The image must not include other objects or additional people. Ensure that you are the only one person in the picture
    3. The image must contain the full face, ears, neck and shoulders of the entrant in frontal view with a neutral, non smiling expression and with eyes open and directed at the camera.
    4. The image must not contain any parts of the body below the entrant


  • Applicants should use a blue / black pen for signing.
  • Signature should be clear and without overwriting on a white paper sheet within a box of 1.5 x 3.5 cms (width x height)
  • The shadow of hands, camera, smartphone should not fall on the signature.
  • The signature should be done on a blank white page with no lines.
  • Candidates should resize the image to 50 kb– 1 mb.
  • The scanner resolution should be atleast 200 dpi.
  • Save the scanned images as .jpg/.jpeg
  • File once uploaded cannot be changed before the edit window opens. After the closing of the edit window, file uploaded cannot be changed. Deficiency, if any, documents uploaded shall be communicated and rectification shall be allowed as detailed in the information Buttellin.


  • Candidates should use a white sheet of paper.
  • They should put their thumb impression within a box of 6 cm x 3 cm.
  • They should use a fresh blue / black colour ink pad.
  • Candidates should first wash their hands before the thumb impression.
  • Take the horizontal print of the left thumb.
  • Save the scanned images as .jpg/.jpeg
  • The file size should be between 50 kb and 1 mb.

Other documents to be uploaded (all documents in pdf format <1 mb)

For MD / MS / DM /M.Ch Candidates 

  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • MD/MS/DM/M.Ch Degree certificate/Provisional Pass Certificate (PPC)
  • Self attested copy of print-out of MCI website
  • (AQRC) issued by State Medical Council + IMR Certificate issued by MCI

For DNB Candidates:

  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • DNB Training completion certificate
  • Registration letter issued by NBE.
  • Thesis acceptance letter, if issued by National Board of Examinations/ Proof of submission of thesis to National Board of Examinations for assessment
  • National Board of Examinations approval in cases of extension of training

Steps for filling DNB Examination 2021?

The candidates should have a strong internet connection and all the scanned documents.

  1. Go to the Website : and click in Apply for DNB/DrNB final Examinations.
  2. The login page will appear and there will be two options available which are given below.
    1. Option 1 : If candidate has already appeared for DNB Final Examination – Dec 2019 or June 2020 or Dec 2020 or June 2021 session at OEEP. Then, they need not register again. Use username and password to login and continue to fill the form.
    2. Option 2 : If candidate has not appeared for DNB Final – Dec 2019 or June 2020 or Dec 2020 or June 2021 session Examination. Then, they need to register as fresh candidate.

3. Fill out the correct details and enter into the next page by entering the shown captcha.

4. Candidates need to select from one of the following.

  • Theory & Practical/Only Practical
  • DNB Final Broad Specialty/DNB Final Super Specialty/Direct 6
  • Years Course DNB Part I /Direct 6 Years Course DNB Part – II

5. Next, select category and specialty.

  • Category of Candidate
  • Broad Specialty: Post MBBS DNB Candidate/ Post Diploma DNB Candidate/ MD-MS Qualified Candidate
  • Super Specialty: DrNB Superspecialty Candidate/ DM-MCh
    Qualified Candidate

6. Upload the prescribed documents (photograph, signature, thumb etc) in appropriate sizes.

7.Pay the application fee for DNB final 2021 application form and also upload the relevant documents.

Candidates Exam fees Application fee total
DNB 6000 NA 6000
MD/MS or DM/MCh 6000 1000 7000
Only Practical Examination (DNB/DrNB trainee or MD/MS/DM/MCh Candidate) NA NA 6000

8. Download the Acknowledgement of Online Application Submission and preserve the application form id.

Details to be filled in DNB Final Application Form 2021


  • username
  • password
  • confirm password
  • mobile number
  • email id


  • username
  • password
  • captcha

Application Form:

  • Name
  • Father’s & Mother Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Correspondence Address
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Examination Selection:

  • Theory & Practical/Only Practical
  • DNB Final Broad Specialty/DNB Final Super Specialty/Direct 6
  • Years Course DNB Part I /Direct 6 Years Course DNB Part

Category of Candidate:

  • Broad Specialty : Post MBBS DNB Candidate/ Post Diploma DNB Candidate/ MD-MS Qualified Candidate
  • Super Specialty: DNB Superspecialty Candidate/ DM-MCh Qualified Candidate

DNB Final Admit Card 2021

NBE issues the admit card for DNB Final (Theory) examination on the Online Exit Examination Portal (OEEP). Candidates can login with their username and password to download the same. Candidates should note that the admit card is only uploaded for candidates who have filled the DNB Final 2021 Application Form correctly. No candidate is allowed to enter the test centre without the following.

  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card (with Photograph)

What to do after download DNB Final Admit Card 2021?

  • Candidates need to paste their passport size photograph on the DNB Final Admit Card 2021. Make sure it is pasted at the designated place only.

About DNB Final Examination 2021

The National Board of Examination conducts the DNB Final 2021 Theory & Practical Examinations. Candidates who has completed DNB trainee and has obtained requisite period of training as prescribed by NBE as well as fulfils the eligibility criteria can appear for the exam. The duration of DNB Final 2020 is 3 hours. While the theory exam is divided into 4 papers, the practical exam is Clinical Examination and Viva. Candidates need to qualify both final theory and practical for DNB qualification.


  • Question 1. Do we need to submit hard copy of DNB Final 2021 application form?

Ans. No, candidates only need to fill the form online at

  • Question 2. Can I use one user id to fill more than 1 DNB Final 2021 application form?

Ans. Yes, candidate can only use one user id to fill DNB Final 2021 application form

  • Question 3. Can I change my name with registered with the profile after submission?

Ans . No, candidates cannot change their names, once registered.