Guidelines for submitting Post Graduate thesis (MD/MS/MDS courses) and free download PG Thesis Template

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These are the guidelines for submitting Post Graduate thesis in KUHS. These guidelines are applicable to the courses where dissertation is an eligibility criteria for writing the examination (Eg:-MD/MS/MDS courses) and it is implemented from the year 2016 onwards. Thesis Template according to the guidelines for submitting Post Graduate thesis in KUHS  is attached. Download it free.

PG Thesis Template front pages 

 PG Thesis Template from Introduction to Annexures 

Purpose of thesis:

Every candidate for Post graduate/ super specialty course in the institutions of/affiliated to KUHS shall carry out a research work under the guidance of a recognised postgraduate teacher, which shall be written up and submitted in the form of a thesis. The purpose of the thesis is to develop the spirit and skill of enquiry, to train the candidate to formulate scientifically sound research question, to help them learn the techniques of research, analysis, documentation and dissemination of the outcome of research.

Submission of synopsis –time lines /pre requisites

The candidate shall submit a synopsis/protocol of the project he/she propose to conduct, through the online system of the university. The synopsis/protocol along with a certificate of clearance from Institutional review board (consisting both technical committee and ethics committee of the institution) shall be submitted within 6 months (4 months for 2-year candidates) from the date of start of the course. A grace period of 2 months with late fee (as fixed by the University from time to time)shall be allowable. The candidates who fail to submit the synopsis even within the time allowable with late fee are liable to do an extension  of their course to meet the various time requirements.Eg: . The 2-year course candidates who fail to submit the protocol within 6 months of starting the course are liable to do an extension of their course so as to provide enough time to complete the thesis. A 3-year course candidate who fails to submit the synopsis/protocol within 8 months of starting the course has to apply through proper channel and get permission to submit the synopsis with additional late fee as fixed by the university from time to time.

Note: Minimum time required to complete thesis work by the candidate (including data collection, analysis, writing up and submission) is estimated as 9 months. University needs 3 months for processing the protocol and approval and the completed thesis has to be submitted to the University 6 months before the expected date of final examination. They

should apply through proper channel and get permission to submit synopsis//protocol with additional late fee (over and above the late fee mentioned above) fixed by the university from time to time

Review of synopsis at the University:

The synopsis submitted by the student has to be cleared by guide and the Principal of the institution. Principal may submit the protocol to KUHS. KUHS shall assign one methodology expert and one subject expert from a protocol review panel selected by it from time to time. Those proposals cleared by both experts in the review panel will need final clearance by the faculty dean and by KUHS. There are four possible decisions from the reviewers–

  1. Accept.
  2. Resubmit with minor modifications.
  3. Resubmit with major modification.
  4. Reject.

This process to be completed within 3 months of submission of the thesis to KUHS and the decision will be made available through the website.

  • If the decision is to accept with minor modification, candidate can make the modifications through the website itself and can get the approval letter from the University.
  • If the result is to resubmit with major modification/rejection, fresh submission, with a fresh letter of approval from IRB and complete in all other aspects has to be made within 3 months with late fees as applicable. Such re-submissions will have to undergo review at KUHS as a fresh application.

Resubmission with modifications has to be sent to the same experts who originally reviewed the protocols except in situations where they are not available for review for various reasons.

Protocol for clinical / animal/ and toxicological trials must be accompanied with certificates of approval from concerned regulatory authorities.

Process of Thesis

Selection of guide: Those with 5 years of post PG teaching experience in the same specialty in which thesis is carried out and working in the same department at the time of submission can become a guide for PG thesis. Any faculty member with post-graduation in the same stream ( medical/ dental/ nursing/ pharmacy etc.) working in the same institution, either in the same department or in any of the other departments involved in the conduct of the submitted thesis work can become a co- guide. Guide and co guide is expected to review the thesis work at least once in a month.

Change of guide:

In the event of resignation/ demise/long leave of the guide/dismiss/any other situation in which the guide is unavailable for guiding the thesis, the Principal of the institution in consultation with the head of the department should suggest a change of guide to the university within one month of the event through the university website .If this stipulation is not complied, the final thesis submitted is liable to be rejected without sending for evaluation. In case of transfer of guide if the guide is willing he or she can continue as guide provided co-guide is available in the institution.

If the data collection is complete and if the guide is willing, he/ she can continue as guide for the rest of the period in spite of transfer/long leave/resignation of the guide.

Change /modification of title:

Minor changes in the title can be made by application through University Website through the guide, head of the department and principal (for a maximum of 1time during the course). Changes involving methodology have to be resubmitted with new IRB (technical and ethics committee clearance and late fees as applicable for delay in submission).

Similar studies:

Protocol that resembles (exactly or very closely) any previously done study, are liable to be rejected. Candidates are advised to go through the database of the studies (in the website of the University) previously registered in the university to avoid exact repetition of the studies.


Writing of thesis (Guidelines for submitting Post Graduate thesis)

Paper: Use only high quality, plain white, 20-lb unlined bond paper, and 20.32cmX27.94cm (8-1/2” x 11”)in size. Erasable paper should not be  used. Select fonts  type Times  New Roman/Arial/Tahoma and  size of characters  12  for main text (not in bold) and 10 for notes/foot notes (not in bold) etc. The size of the titles should be 14 and Bold, the size of subtitles should be 12 and bold. Print should be inkjet or laser (not dot matrix) printing with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense. Use the same type of print and print size throughout the document. Number the pages of the document, including the principal text, all plates, tables, diagrams, maps, and so on. Roman numerals should be used on the preliminary pages (pages up to the first page of text) and Arabic numerals on the text pages. The numbers themselves can be placed anywhere on the page, however they should be consistent. Use 1.5 spacing except for long quotations, footnotes, and endnotes, which are to be single- spaced. To allow for binding, the left-hand margin must be at least 3.81 cm(1.5 inch). Other margins should be 2.58cm(1inch) Diagrams, photographs, or facsimiles in any form should be a standard page size, or if larger, folded so that a free left-hand margin of 3.81 cm(1.5 inch)remains and the folded sheet is not larger than the standard page. Photographs (colour or black and white) should of good quality and printed on photography paper. File Format of Thesis should be in *.PDF ,*.odt, *.docx or*.doc (MS Word Document) extension , Image files in JPG/JPEG or TIFF format and Audio Visual in AVI , GIF, MPEG files format preferably .

Avoid same information represented in more than one format (e.g. table/ picture/ graph and text).All tables and Figures should be simple, numbered, titled and self-explanatory.Citation should be in Vancouver style. List of figures, tables and chapters should be separately provided before the main text.

CD-ROM Labelling Should be standard and should contain title, subtitle, name of the candidate, degree name, subject, name of the guide, name of the department, college, place and year.

Submission /re submission of thesis to University

Four hard copies of the thesis and a soft copy in CD/DVD, which  is checked for plagiarism, should be submitted. Thesis can be submitted only  after 9 months of getting approval of the protocol by the university. Submission should be at least six months before the final examination and after remitting the prescribed fee. The thesis shall be examined by a minimum of three examiners; one from  other  institutions  (other  than that  institution,  where the research  was conducted) affiliated to KUHS (who is/was not a guide for the same candidate for the same thesis)and two examiners from other Universities.

  • If two examiners accept the thesis, it will be accepted by the University.
  • If two examiners suggest changes, resubmission of thesis has to be made within 45 days with suggested changes incorporated. If two examiners reject the thesis, thesis has to be re submitted. Resubmitted thesis will undergo the same method of evaluation as a fresh thesis.
  • If the original decision is ‘re-submission with changes’, the resubmitted thesis will be evaluated by the same examiners who assessed it first, if they are available for evaluation.
  • In case of rejection of thesis, extension of course/ work in the department up to one year may be granted to carry out thesis work, if the candidate requests for it. The hall ticket of the final examination will be issued only after final acceptance of the thesis.

Plagiarism policy:

University will formulate a plagiarism policy and the thesis should adhere to the policy formulated by the university time to time.

Maximum number of pages (printed only on one side) should be 200 including master sheet, appendix, addendum etc. There will not be a specified minimum for  number of pages.

Publication and dissemination of thesis:

The data collected for the thesis can be used for publication in scientific journals/or presented in the scientific conferences before/after the examinations. The proof of submission/acceptance/publication/presentation may be appended with the final thesis. Any such publication should carry due acknowledgement to KUHS and the institution in which work was carried out’.

Template for thesis:

University will provide templates for final thesis, which may be used for final submission. The template for thesis shall contain, the following sections- Abstract, Background, Relevance, Objectives, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References.